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London Practice List

This page details our listed practices in London. The entries are in alphabetical order of the town name

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Clare Benka 15A Chivalry Road LONDON SW11
Deborah Catterall 19 Stormont Road LONDON SW11
The Moore Health Complementary Medicine Clinic 1 Cobham Close LONDON SW11
Balham Therapy Rooms 156 Balham High Road LONDON SW12
Solablu. Lower Richmond Road LONDON SW15
The Leigham Practice 8 Leigham Hall Parade LONDON SW16
The Birth Centre 37 Coverton Road LONDON SW17
The EFT Centre 4 Nicosia Road LONDON SW18
The Olde Pharmacy 53 East Hill LONDON SW18
Christine Cunningham 6 Bowater Close LONDON SW2
Sibylle Walter Josephine Avenue LONDON SW2
Living Centre Clinic 32 Durham Road LONDON SW20
Unwind naturally with Gabrielle 59 Malden Hill Gardens LONDON SW20
Relax-O-Therapy 110-112 Kings Rd LONDON SW3
Clapham Common Clinic 151, Clapham High Street LONDON SW4
D. Elliott Hogarth Rd LONDON SW5
Ellen Kaldor 6 Sheridan Court LONDON SW5
Basuto Medical Centre Basuto Road LONDON SW6
Brixton Therapy Centre 510 Brixton Road LONDON SW9
Andrew Parr 1 Harley Street LONDON W1
Fusion Energy Bodywork The Langham Studio LONDON W1
Harley Therapy 10 Harley Street LONDON W1
Holly Dunbar Room 628 Linen Hall LONDON W1
Liz Vincent 1 Harley St LONDON W1
Mental Toughness Hypnotherapy 10 Harley Street LONDON W1
Mike Mythen The Lewis Clinic LONDON W1
Napiers Goodge Street Clinic 44 Goodge Street LONDON W1
Nelsons Homeopathic Clinic 73 Duke Street LONDON W1
Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy Clinic 73 Duke Street LONDON W1
NutriLife Clinic 101 Marylebone High Street LONDON W1
Positive Changes Harley Street LONDON W1
Prices Back Clinic 144 Harley Street LONDON W1
Progress Therapy 1 Harley St LONDON W1
Release Hypnotherapy Harley Street 10 Harley Street LONDON W1
Roger Golten Hellerwork Practice The Clinic at Pilates off the Square LONDON W1
Sue Taylor Harley Street Therapy Centre LONDON W1
The Health Equation 11 Harley Street LONDON W1
The London Acupuncture Clinic 126 Harley St LONDON W1
Patrick Browning The Ladbroke Rooms LONDON W10
The Ladbroke Rooms 2C Exmoor St LONDON W10
The Tinnitus & Stress Clinic 203 Westbourne Studios LONDON W10
Express Medical Service 194 Uxbridge Road LONDON W12
The Happiness Centre 204 Uxbridge Road, LONDON W12
Julie de Burgh 12 Sutherland Avenue LONDON W13
Simon Henderson Float, 2a Bridstow Place, LONDON W2
The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education Beauchamp Lodge LONDON W2
ccpe 2 Warwick Crescent LONDON W2
Angela Jullings Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 42 Friars Way LONDON W3
North End Practice 8a Burghley Rd. NW5 LONDON W6
Graham Thomas Consultancy Biddulph Mansions LONDON W9
Reiki by Rekha 13 Morshead Road LONDON W9
St Peter's Centre 59 Elgin Avenue LONDON W9
City Hypnotherapy Centre Monticello House LONDON WC1
One Therapy Bloomsbury LONDON WC1


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