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The F.I.S.H. Plan for Migraine


Dr Michael C Matthews, MB, BS - Shared Care Web Publications

This e-advice is published by Shared Care Web Publications. It is written in the tradition of freeware that recognises that health information belongs to all people and therefore it may be copied, stored, retrieved, distributed or published as a paper book by anyone who is so interested as long as the writer and Shared Care Web Publications are recognised as the originators of the work and the format and content remain unchanged. Any one who wishes to publish this e-advice and include any additions or changes to the content such as advertising should contact Shared Care Web Publications via editor(at)

Copyright Dr Michael C Matthews 2008


Section 1:- What is Migraine?

Section 2:- What Causes Migraine?

Section 3:- What can I do about it?:-

  • The Lazy Way
  • The More Complete Advice

General Measures - Are You Causing Your Own Headache?

Warning! This e-advice is not intended to be a do-it-yourself diagnostic kit. All abdominal pains should be taken seriously and should be properly diagnosed by a doctor who can take an accurate history and examine you. The use of the recommendations in this e-advice comes very firmly after the correct diagnosis of migraine has been made. The contents of the e-advice deal with the treatment of migraine by complementary methods. The explanations given are intended to inform, empower and allow you to help yourself only after a proper diagnosis has been made.


Why the FISH plan?

FISH stands for Food Intolerance, Stress, and Heredity, the three main and interwoven causes of migraine. All need to be addressed for true success. All need to be addressed for true success During my 27 years as a general practitioner there was a group of patients who came to see me regularly, and for whom I had little to offer. These were the patients who suffered from migraine. They ranged from the women who would have a migraine in the days approaching their menstrual periods to the stressed out businessmen who would regularly have that most unpleasant kind of attack, the much disliked "Saturday morning migraine". The symptoms that they suffered varied from a little nausea and slight headache for a few hours to vomiting with a splitting headache and an aversion to light that made them stay in a darkened room for three or four days.

Many of them, especially those with the more mild symptoms gave up on me and simply bought over-the-counter drugs from their chemists. In fact, according to the Migraine Action Association at least four in ten "migraineurs" in this country do this. The figure in America is up to eight in ten, maybe due to the need there to pay the doctor directly. This means that British doctors, even those of us in general practice, do not know the full extent of the difficulties that migraine causes. The drugs that modern medicine uses will not be specifically mentioned in this advice except as warnings when their use might be dangerous. That is because this e-advice is designed for self help. It is based on the explanations and discussions with fellow migraine sufferers that took place during the consultations and study days of those many years in General Practice

It will outline the three main causes of migraine in nonmedical language and show ways to overcome these, reinforcing that advice with lifestyle recommendations that are well recognised to be helpful. Most importantly, it is designed to give you the tools to help yourself. In that way it will enable you and encourage you that you can do something about your migraine yourself, to show you that you don't need the doctor to interfere with your body with his pills, and to put you back firmly in control of yourself.

You have nothing to lose but your migraines!

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