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Natural Remedies for Endometriosis

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis Symptoms and Causes

Endometriosis is a condition said to affect 10% of women. Some of the womb lining instead of being shed during a period migrates to other parts of the body, principally within the abdomen, where it undergoes bleeding with the period. This typically causes pelvic or lower abdominal pain with or around the period and abdominal upset. The pain may be very severe and lead to prostration. Although endometriosis typically causes abdominal pain it could be an unusual cause of periodic . Endometriosis needs a conventional medicine diagnosis and conventional medicine is the mainstay of treatment.

Relief comes with the hormonal stabilisation at the . Endometriosis shares some features with and this should be considered. Endometriosis is one of the causes of

What Helps Endometriosis?

Understanding Endometriosis

A common female health problem, endometriosis, can lead to infertility. So what exactly is endometriosis? 

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Endometriosis Treatment


Drugs such as Danazol, and hormonal preparations such as progesterone are the commonest forms of treatment. As the intention is to adjust the hormonal production there are potential side effects and problems. Surgery to remove the womb, ovaries and bleeding parts is undertaken in some cases.


Home Remedies and Relevant Articles from our Contributors

Home remedies are anything from "homework", food or nutritional supplements, exercises, reading, our featured articles and so on. Natural Remedies from Shared Care offers:-

Priced in GB pounds
Priced in GB pounds
Priced in US Dollars
Priced in US Dollars
A highly recommended ebook for anyone who is searching for answers about their available treatment options"

Natural Cures for Endometriosis

We explain what we mean by natural cures, natural remedies, home remedies.

Please also check out Approaches Individual to the Practitioner for other therapies and treatments.

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Who Can Help Endometriosis?

Who has a Special Interest in Endometriosis?

Please click on the MORE INFORMATION link for fuller details.

Ms. Lu Miln Christchurch,  Canterbury,   New Zealand
Ms. Pamela Bellamy Roswell,  Georgia,   United States of America
Ms. Jennifer Stukey Columbia,  Maryland,   United States of America
Mr. Bryan Watrous Missoula,  Montana,   United States of America
Liz Roseman Asheville,  North Carolina,   United States of America
Ms. Patricia Hallam Portland,  Oregon,   United States of America
Ms. Sharon Sherman Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania,   United States of America

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Endometriosis Support Groups

The home country of the group is listed. Most will provide more information, advice, contacts and help wherever you live:-

Australia Queensland
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Ireland National
New Zealand National
United States of America National

Please email editor(at) with the name and URL of your suggestions for additional groups.

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Where You Can Eat, Stay and Visit

Help in finding restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, towns, beaches, travel companies and so on that are user friendly for our communities.

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Other Helpful Things

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