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Natural Remedies for CFS

What is CFS?

CFS Symptoms and Causes

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition of unknown cause, although many factors have been implicated at times. It is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or post-viral fatigue syndrome. It's main feature is an abnormally and prolonged abnormally deep fatigue that in it's most severe form can disable the sufferer completely.

It usually affects those between the ages of 25 and 45 years, but can occur at any age with more women than men suffering.

The diagnosis does not depend on medical tests and these may be normal, leading to the suspicion from some doctors that the problem is psychological. The diagnosis is made by the patient suffering from the severe chronic fatigue for at least six months in the absence of any other diagnosed medical problem.

Four of the following chronic fatigue symptoms need also to be present. These are not in order of importance:-

  • Painful Glands
  • Multiple Joint pains with no signs of
  • Painful Muscles
  • Poor and
  • with new features like severity, position, triggers
  • Tiredness after activity that lasts more than 24 hours or always tired
  • Poor short-term memory or reduced concentratiovn
  • Sore throat

There may be many other symptoms that may cloud the issue and delay diagnosis. The symptoms may be worsened by activity, both mental or physical and not eased by resting.

It may be difficult to differentiate chronic fatigue syndrome from

Also helpful may be our pages on , and .

What Helps CFS?

M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - Sleepydust Video

The video aims to help the friends and family of ME/CFS (including Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome) sufferers understand the illness and what their loved ones are going through.

Natural Cures from Shared Care is not responsible for any advertisements contained in these videos

CFS Treatment


Modern Western Medicine has little to offer beyond support. Unfortunately that is often sadly inadequate. Some drugs are under investigation for use in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. These include modafinil (which is normally used to treat narcolepsy - a daytime sleeping disorder) and ampligen (an antiviral and immune system controlling drug).


Home Remedies and Relevant Articles from our Contributors

Home remedies are anything from "homework", food or nutritional supplements, exercises, reading, our featured articles and so on. Natural Remedies from Shared Care offers:-

Priced in GB pounds
Priced in GB pounds
Priced in US Dollars
Priced in US Dollars
Stop your chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms starting today with this just revealed simple, natural cures regimen
Regain your youthful energy and enjoy your favorite activities virtually painfree

Natural Cures for CFS

We explain what we mean by natural cures, natural remedies, home remedies.

Please also check out Approaches Individual to the Practitioner for other therapies and treatments.

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Who Can Help CFS?

Who has a Special Interest in CFS?

Please click on the MORE INFORMATION link for fuller details.

Ela Gold Kyogle,  New South Wales,   Australia
Mr. Simon Henderson LONDON W2,  London,   Great Britain
Dr. John Digby HAVERHILL,  Suffolk,   Great Britain
Miss. Ellie Son Penrose,  Auckland,   New Zealand
Mr. Marcus Rhoden Lakewood,  Colorado,   United States of America
Ms. Debby Shapiro Lakewood,  Colorado,   United States of America
Dr. Peter Zilahy Watertown,  Connecticut,   United States of America
Ms. Mary Bardis Dania Beach,  Florida,   United States of America
Ms. Marlene Pardo Miami,  Florida,   United States of America
Yolanda Asher Stone Mountain,  Georgia,   United States of America
Ms. Pamela Bellamy Roswell,  Georgia,   United States of America
Ms. Sue Heldenbrand Lafayette,  Louisiana,   United States of America
Mr. Mark Fradkin Owings Mills,  Maryland,   United States of America
Mrs. Janine L. Agoglia Natick,  Massachusetts,   United States of America
Ms. Elizabeth Nirbhebe V Davies Minneapolis,  Minnesota,   United States of America
Mr. Aaron Means Minneapolis,  Minnesota,   United States of America
Mr. Bryan Watrous Missoula,  Montana,   United States of America
Ms. Betsy Ysteban Reno,  Nevada,   United States of America
Dr. Karen Kan Lake Placid,  New York,   United States of America
Ms. Anca Marinescu New York,  New York,   United States of America
Dr. Vittoria Repetto New York City,  New York,   United States of America
Dr. Robert Kienitz Wilmington,  North Carolina,   United States of America
Dr. Tamara Strickland Columbus,  Ohio,   United States of America
Ms. Anca Marinescu Dingmans Ferry,  Pennsylvania,   United States of America
Mr. Jack Elias Seattle,  Washington,   United States of America

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CFS Support Groups

The home country of the group is listed. Most will provide more information, advice, contacts and help wherever you live:-

Australia National
Canada National
Canada National
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Ireland National
New Zealand National
United States of America National
United States of America National

Please email editor(at) with the name and URL of your suggestions for additional groups.

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Where You Can Eat, Stay and Visit

Help in finding restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, towns, beaches, travel companies and so on that are user friendly for our communities.

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Other Helpful Things

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