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Learning and Mobility Difficulties Support Groups for Great Britain

Many local help and self help groups exist to provide help. They will often cater for the whole spectrum of learning and mobility difficulties, from the person who has only a mobility problem, the person with both learning difficulty and mobility problem to the person who is able bodied but has learning difficulties, from wheelchair advice to amputations and amputees. Each will assist the other in providing the help needed.

ADHD National
ADHD National
ADHD National
ADHD National
Autism National
Autism National
Autism National
Autism National
Children's Group National
Day Care Northumberland
General National
Group for people without parts of or whole limbs National
Lower Limb Problems National
Mobility Information and Advice Scotland
Mobility Information and Advice National
Riding Association Avon
Riding Association Buchan
Riding Association Bristol
Riding Association Clwyd
Riding Association London
Riding Association Bedford
Riding Association Epsom
Riding Association Leicestershire
Riding Association Leeds
Riding Association Midlothian
Riding Association Wakefield
Spastic Paraplegia Group National
Stroke Group National
Stroke Support Group Scotland
Stroke Support Group National
Umbrella Advice Group National
Young Stroke Group National

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