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Natural Remedies for ADHD

What is ADHD?

ADHD Symptoms

More correctly nowadays called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),is a common diagnosis among school age children. Estimates range between 7-10% of children having, or meeting the criteria for, an ADD and ADHD diagnosis. That averages about 2-3 children per classroom.

The diagnosis of ADHD is considered a medical diagnosis and therefore is most often made by a qualified psychiatrist or physician. However, it can also be diagnosed by a well qualified mental health professional such as a counselor or therapist specializing in clinical treatment.Concern for the existence of the disorder often occurs once a child has entered the educational system and teachers or school staff notice issues with the student’s behavior and/or academic performance.

The DSM-IV-TR® (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association) outlines the diagnostic criteria for each of the types of ADHD.

Attention Deficit Disorder comes in three types:-

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Combined Type:- meaning the individual is both hyperactive/impulsive and inattentive
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type known as ADHD
  • Predominantly Inattentive Type:- commonly referred to as ADD

Historically ADD affects boys more frequently than girls. When girls are diagnosed it is often with the Inattentive type (ADD) and can occur at a later age than boys might be diagnosed. The reason is that the Inattentive type is more difficult to spot as there are no overt behavioral issues that might draw attention to the student. In contrast, ADHD (hyperactive/impulsive and combined types) encompasses a wide range of behavioral red flags thus causing the student to "stick out" and require attention

(My thanks to Kari Naegele, mother of a sufferer of ADHD and editor of for this introduction (ed.))

Also helpful may be our pages about learning difficulties, autism, child health and teen health

What Helps ADHD?

The Truth about ADHD

Dr. John Breeding, professor, author and Ph.D. psychologist discusses ADHD. Millions of American school children are placed on mind-altering stimulant medications for ADHD. Is there any biological basis for calling ADHD a mental illness? What test exists to diagnosis ADHD? What criteria are used to diagnosis a child with ADHD?

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ADHD Treatment


Prescribed pills include methylphenidate (Ritalin). These have are likely to have a reduced effectiveness over time and most regimes also rely heavily on support, behavioural and stress management.


Home Remedies and Relevant Articles from our Contributors

Home remedies are anything from "homework", food or nutritional supplements, exercises, reading, our featured articles and so on. Natural Remedies from Shared Care offers:-

Priced in GB pounds
Priced in GB pounds
Priced in US Dollars
Priced in US Dollars
The only treatment that combines audio technology, behavior modification and diet

Natural Cures for ADHD

We explain what we mean by natural cures, natural remedies, home remedies.

Please also check out Approaches Individual to the Practitioner for other therapies and treatments.

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Who Can Help ADHD?

Who has a Special Interest in ADHD?

Please click on the MORE INFORMATION link for fuller details.

Mrs. Tanja Ben-Meir Melbourne,  Victoria,   Australia
Mrs. Stella Waterhouse SALCOMBE,  Devon,   Great Britain
Mrs. Susan Trotter FAIRFORD,  Gloucestershire,   Great Britain
Mr. Jef Gazley Scottsdale,  Arizona,   United States of America
Ms. Debby Shapiro Lakewood,  Colorado,   United States of America
Mr. Danny Jackson Orlando,  Florida,   United States of America
Mr. Paul Keene Kuna,  Idaho,   United States of America
Ms. Linda Meyer Lake in the Hills,  Illinois,   United States of America
Ms. Lea Wyman Staunton,  Illinois,   United States of America
Ms. Brenda Nicholson Crown Point,  Indiana,   United States of America
Ms. Sue Heldenbrand Lafayette,  Louisiana,   United States of America
Mr. Gary Sandman Urbana,  Maryland,   United States of America
Mr. Aaron Means Minneapolis,  Minnesota,   United States of America
Dr. Howard Sadowsky LAS CRUCES,  New Mexico,   United States of America
Dr. Don Farrow Black Mountain,  North Carolina,   United States of America
Dr. Tamara Strickland Columbus,  Ohio,   United States of America

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ADHD Support Groups

The home country of the group is listed. Most will provide more information, advice, contacts and help wherever you live:-

Australia New South Wales
Canada National
Canada National
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
New Zealand National
United States of America National
United States of America National

Please email editor(at) with the name and URL of your suggestions for additional groups.

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Where You Can Eat, Stay and Visit

Help in finding restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, towns, beaches, travel companies and so on that are user friendly for our communities.

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Other Helpful Things

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