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A Tale of Two Cancers

Last modified 2014-03-16 15:58

This is a personal story about my family. Although it refers to cancer it could equally well apply to any of the more serious of our .

We remember with sadness the death of my sister two years ago who died from cancer of the oesophagus, six months after its initial diagnosis. By contrast I was diagnosed with four years years ago, am still alive and in good health, despite heart surgery 3 years ago, and a recent removal of a bladder cancer. I believe that had my sister followed the mainstream medical course that she would have lived longer and her path would have been much easier.

Cancer is a very variable condition, even when it affects the same organ in different people. My sister's was picked up late - as are most cancers of the oesophagus as they tend not to cause symptoms until they are of a sufficient size to grow almost round it and block it off. Mine had caused me symptoms for a number of years which were obvious in retrospect but not at the time and a sudden dramatic urinary bleed led me straight to my doctor and the appropriate surgeon.

Here our experiences diverge

My sister was offered palliative treatment of chemotherapy and a stent which she refused. Instead she went to a private clinic in Mexico for a "cure". This clinic gave all cancer patients the same treatment whatever the cancer was sited. The "treatment" involved injections of some substance called Laetrile which was banned in the USA and Canada in 1980 as it was found to be toxic, dangerous and not of any help. Hardly surprising when you consider that its active ingredient is cyanide. They also used vitamin C transfusions and various other dubious "treatments". Oh - and it all cost £20,000 ($32,000 - at current exchange rates). She came home and rapidly deteriorated in some pain with an advancing - ineffectively - treated tumour.

On the other hand, I have accepted everything that the NHS can give me, and am grateful for their care which I've found to be good.


are good for many things and can be very helpful in promoting a positive mental attitude in potentially life threatening conditions but they should NOT - I emphasise "NOT" be the first line of treatment.

My sister and her husband came to hear of the Mexican clinic whilst working for a charismatic christian organisation which had sent many people there. This organisation deals with medical problems through prayer and teaches others how to do the healing ministry. These things are best avoided and reputable complementary or mainstream medicine used instead.

Beware of these organisations which claim cures when there is no real evidence. Please see the section called .


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