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Fibromyalgia, What You Should Know

Last modified 2014-03-18 12:20

Muscle aches, spasms, fatigue, weakness in the arms and legs, inability to concentrate (brain fog), and . These are some of the common complaints related to . This chronic illness which affects approximately four percent of the population and nine times more women than men has no known cure. Anti-Seizure drugs, pain relievers, antidepressants and muscle relaxants are some of the common prescribed medications to treat the symptoms.

My personal experience with Fibromyalgia brought me to the realization that this chronic illness is not just "one" illness but a combination of the body’s organs and systems that are unable to function properly resulting in the aforementioned symptoms and complaints. Not treating the underlying cause of the illness only results in a vicious cycle of drugs and their side effects.

I have listed ten of the issues that I addressed and should be addressed if you suffer from this illness

  1. Stress! Chronic plays a major role in our health, robbing our bodies of nutrients and required sleep which in turn reduces our resistance to disease and chronic inflammation, i.e., fibromyalgia.
  2. Environmental Toxins are next on my list. Not many conventional doctors address this issue because there are just too many to test for. If you have ever come in contact with chemicals on the job, lived on a farm, eaten foods high in preservatives or additives, i.e., MSG, used household chemicals to clean or you use personal care products that are high in chemicals, you probably have been exposed to environmental toxins
  3. Diet is another issue that is sometimes overlooked. Are you a junk food junkie? Do you snack, eat out a lot, eat prepackaged meals! Your diet could be a contributing factor to your illness. Refined carbohydrates and processed fats are adding fuel to an already inflamed body. This inflammation aggravates arthritis, aches and pains, bowel disorders and contributes to heart disease, diabetes and memory loss. Avoid caffeine and NO soft drinks! Learn to live without the sugar and caffeine but remember to wean yourself off caffeine by reducing the number of cups of coffee or glasses of tea or cans of soda.
  4. Drugs, both over the counter and prescribed give the illusion of addressing health issues. They do not treat the underlying cause; they only treat the symptom(s) related to the underlying cause. The body was not designed to process these toxic substances and treats them as such. When a drug is absolutely a necessity, educate yourself to possible alternative methods that could be used. Never stop any medication without professional guidance.
  5. Hydration is another often overlooked but a very important issue. You must learn to drink at least 8 large glasses of filtered water a day. Water is crucial to our bodily functions! If you do nothing else for yourself, do this. Pure water helps our bodies rid itself of toxins by flushing them out of our systems. It’s like a refreshing shower for your internal organs!
  6. Get yourself on a sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time every night and get at least 8 hours of rest and then get up at the same time every morning. The body likes a schedule, knowing when it can relax, refresh and heal itself. It also likes to know when it will be nourished and exercised. There are natural supplements that can help set the sleep clock in the brain. The bodies need for sleep is more important than you realize.
  7. A sluggish thyroid may also contribute to fibromyalgia. It can cause weight gain, fatigue, depression and many other complaints. The thyroid can be supported with natural supplements.
  8. Exhausted adrenals, this can rob us of sleep and energy due mainly in part to good ole stress. The adrenals help us to cope, give us energy, and regulate our mineral, fluid and blood sugar. Adrenals can also be supported with natural supplements.
  9. With a poor diet and overload of toxins (including medications) the liver becomes compromised. When nutrients are deficient and there are too many toxins the liver does not function properly resulting in internal toxicity. Most people suffering with fibromyalgia have a stressed liver due to all the medications. The liver needs to be detoxified and at the same time supported with natural supplementation
  10. Another issue that is not usually addressed by conventional doctors is Candida or yeast. When our immune system is suppressed, this friendly organism is decreased by the antibiotics we take directly or indirectly, by pesticides, chlorine and other toxins and fed by our craving for sweets and refined carbohydrates. When this happens there is a shift from the good yeast form to the fungal form. This yeast overgrowth can cause inflammation throughout the body. A yeast detoxification should be done to balance the condition.

These are some of the underlying conditions that could be contributing to your chronic illness. You should contact a qualified alternative practitioner or physician to create a personalized protocol for you. Every individual is unique in their health and in their illness.



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