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What is Chiropractic?

From the Greek "doing by hand", chiropractic is a healthcare profession that holds that an individual's health is directly tied to the relationship of the spine and the nervous system. Doctors of chiropractic seek to pinpoint structural changes to the spine that may be causing a patient's back pain, neck pain or other symptoms, and aim to restore the spine's structural integrity through a series of different adjustments known as manipulations.

Chiropractors specifically treat subluxation, which refers to a vertebra that is out of position in comparison to the other vertebrae, thus resulting in subsequent dysfunction. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors may utilize mobilization (massage), exercise, heat/cold therapy, light, ultrasound, and many other different methods to treat joint and muscle dysfunction.

Chiropractors undergo extensive study and training. All chiropractors in the UK are registered with the General Chiropractic Council, and since 2001 it has been a crime for anyone not registered with the GCC to call themselves a chiropractor.

contributed to this introduction on chiropractic. For more information on chiropractors, visit their health center on .

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Introduction to Chiropractic Care

A look at the practice of Chiropractic care and how it can benefit you.

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Home Remedies and Relevant Articles from our Contributors

Home remedies are anything from "homework", food or nutritional supplements, exercises, reading, our featured articles and so on. Natural Remedies from Shared Care offers:-

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A view of complementary medicine from a chiropracter newly qualified


Where Do Shared Care's Therapists Practice?

Who Are Our Chiropractic Therapists?

Therapists for Chiropractic in these countries:-


Email me at editor(at) with your name, username and I will register you so that you can .....

Where Are Our Therapists, Whatever Their Therapy?

The lists of therapists' organisations by country are also on these pages


Find the list of therapists listed by therapy from the appropriate therapy page. For example, osteopaths from osteopathy and so on.


How to Help your Therapist

You will have certain questions that you want to ask your therapist about the natural cure and your therapist will have standard questions to ask you about yourself.

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Chiropractic Therapist Organisations

Please note that the qualifications and requirements for a therapist to be registered may vary markedly from organisation to organisation.

The home country of the organisation is listed. Although their therapist lists are likely to be limited to their own countries most will provide more information, advice, contacts and help wherever you live:-

Australia Australia/New Zealand
Australia National
Canada British Columbia
Canada National
Canada International
Great Britain National
Great Britain National
Great Britain Scotland
Great Britain National
Ireland National
New Zealand National
South Africa National
United States of America National

Chiropractic Schools

Various schools and colleges will train people to be practitioners of Chiropractic. Although their courses may be limited to their own countries some may provide international distance learning. Please check them out carefully to ensure they meet your requirements

Please email editor(at) with the name and URL of your suggestions for additional organisations.

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Other Helpful Things

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